Strong 'N Silent™ Penguin

Durable dog toy for longer lasting fun.

  • TRUSTYPUP Penguin Dog Toy is a cute and cuddly plush in a great medium size and shape that dogs love.
  • ULTRASONIC silent squeaker inside for maximum fun and minimum noise.
  • MADE with Chew Guard Technology and a tough, durable liner to withstand rough play and last longer.
  • PERFECT for the office, movie night at home, night time play or any other quiet setting and won’t disturb the people around you.
  • DESIGNED to meet child safety standards, and with innovation, environmental responsibility, exceptional value and style in mind.


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4 reviews for Strong ‘N Silent™ Penguin

  1. Hailey Walker

    I have a beagle puppy and every toy I got was destroyed instantly! I found this at Walmart having faith in its chew guard technology and my puppy loves it!! It’s his favorite toy and has held up. It’s been almost a month and he just has a little tiny hole under his wing- but for the hours and hours my puppy has chewed on it I’m not surprised! Lol! Definitely recommend!

  2. Andrea

    Stuffed toys don’t typically last more than a few days with our boy. I grabbed this toy on a whim at a store, thinking my dog would enjoy it for a bit, then we’d throw away the remains and continue looking for a stuffed toy that could survive our super chewer. Not only has this penguin held up, it is one of our boy’s favorite toys! We will definitely be buying more TrustyPup products, and recommending them to everyone.

  3. Rottie Mom

    The squeaker is fantastic – silent for us, entrancing for our dog. It’s tough too – our dog is a pretty aggressive chewer as a Rottie mix but the penguin stands up to a few sessions of his undivided attention (which is quite impressive). He gets off the feet and ‘hair’ instantly, but the core of the penguin stays intact for an impressive amount of time. Great toy!

  4. Christina Loscar

    Pretty durable and our dogs love it. I’ve had these last a long time. Def one of the favorite toys.

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