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Strong 'N Silent™ Dog Toys

Strong 'N Silent™ Dog Toys

TrustyPup Strong ‘N Silent Plush Dog Toys are durable squeaky plush toys that only your dog can hear. With all the fun of a traditional squeaker, TrustyPup Squeakers are tuned to an Ultrasonic frequency between 24 and 28 KHz that is silent to people but not dogs. These soft and cuddly characters provide wild fun for your dog without disturbing you! Perfectly sized for fetch and cuddling for medium to large-sized dogs. Soft durable plush with all the fun of a squeaker without the noise, it will soon become a household favorite for both pups and pup parents!

Available Size(s): Medium, Large

Available Collection(s): Silent Swimmer, Gator, Platypus, Snake, Penguin, Panda

Available Color(s): Teal, Blue, Brown, Multicolored Tie-Dye, Black, White

Where to Buy
Made with Chew Guard Technology
Reinforced Seams for Added Durability
Squeaker Only Dogs Can Hear
Tuned to an Ultrasonic Frequency
  • ULTRASONIC SQUEAKS!: TrustyPup Silent Squeak Dog Toys are cute and cuddly soft plush toys that are perfect for playtime with a built-in ultrasonic squeaker that only your dog can hear

  • PERFECT FOR CUDDLING: Our plush dog toys are made for hours of interactive and solo playtime fun with double-stitched seams to ensure your dog’s toy lasts through many games of fetch, tug, and chew sessions; plus, they’re soft, comfortable and perfect for soothing cuddles

  • DESIGNED TO LAST LONGER: Our soft plush dog toys are made with Chew Guard Technology, which adds reinforced seams and a tough, heavy-duty, chew-resistant lining to our soft plush toys, making them a little more durable than your average plush dog toy, guaranteed!

  • CHEW GUARD GUARANTEE: No toy is indestructible, and some dogs can destroy Chew Guard toys depending on their play and chew patterns; which is why our TrustyPup dog toys have a 30-Day Chew Guard Guarantee with proof of purchase; for more information or to fill out our replacement form click here

  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Silent Swimmer available in Large, measures 5.50″x7″x11.30″, and features plush made with Double Chew Guard Technology; Gator available in Large Teal and Blue, measures 3.50″x 7.30″x14.50″, and features fun checkered plush; Platypus available in Large Brown, measures 4.50″x8″x10.50″, and features fun furry plush; Snake available in Large Multicolored Tie-Dye, measures 17.50″x7″x4″, and features a fun flexible coiled shape great for tug; Penguin available in Medium Black, measures 6″x5″x3″, and features soft corduroy plush; Panda available in Medium White corduroy plush, measures 3″x6″x9″, and features soft corduroy plush.

Silent Swimmer: Polyester 89.52%, PP plastic 10.48%

Penguin: Polyester 95%, PP plastic 5%

Gators: Polyester 67%, Polyester fiber 25%, PP plastic 8%

Platypus: Plush 58%, Polyester fiber 25.7%, Squeaker 16%, Cellophane paper 0.3%

Panda: Polyester 48%, Polyester fiber 28%, PP plastic 24%

Spot clean with warm water dampened cloth. Air dry only.

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