We are founded on the principle that environmentally responsible products should be as functional, as affordable, and as stylish as conventional ones.

That’s why our products are made with high-quality recycled, reclaimed, organic, and sustainable materials whenever possible.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Foundations

Recycled Human Grade Mattress
Recycled Human Grade Mattresses

During the manufacturing process, a variety of foam, fiber, and fabric is produced from the manufacture of human-grade mattresses. The excess materials are then processed into usable raw materials for pet beds, making them high quality and eco-friendly.

Reclaimed Memory Foam
Reclaimed Memory & Conventional Foams

MemoryMix™ shredded memory foam fill conforms to a dog’s body contours and evenly distributes weight across the bed, eliminating painful pressure points and relieving ache joints. MemoryMix gives new life to foam left over from the manufacture of human products, making it high quality and eco-friendly.

Fiberfill from Recycled plastic

EcoRest® is a high-performance fiberfill made from post-consumer plastic that is spin into a fluffy, high-lost filling material. Providing unmatched cushioning, resilience, and insulation, EcoRest keeps the equivalent of millions of recyclable bottles out of landfills each year.