Tough ‘N Fun™ Flamingo

Durable dog toy for longer lasting fun.

  • TRUSTYPUP Flamingo Dog Toy is large-sized and made from super-soft, durable plush and has extra-long faux fur.
  • SQUEAKER in the center is easy for dogs of all sizes to squeak.
  • MADE with Chew Guard Technology and a tough, durable liner to withstand rough play and last longer.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, under-stuffed, and so easy to toss, carry and cuddle!
  • DESIGNED to meet child safety standards, and with innovation, environmental responsibility, exceptional value, and style in mind.


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10 reviews for Tough ‘N Fun™ Flamingo

  1. Kathleen Lopez

    The Flamingo is my Beagle German Shepard mix favorite toy! Sadly, we can’t find a replacement other then Amazon for $28.💔
    Please restock Target!!

  2. Diana

    This is my pitbull’s favorite toy in the world!! We have purchased probably over 30 of these from Target over the past 3 years and we’re very sad to find that they are no long available. Please bring this one back! We have tried to find replacements but she rios right throught them. This was the only toy she would hold on to for a couple months. We see it on Amazon but it’s triple the cost!!

  3. Elizabeth Martin


  4. Yoda

    My Red Heeler is absolutely obsessed with this pink flamingo! Only this specific pink flamingo will do. We have purchased at least 25 of these over the years. Please please please restock Target!!!!

  5. Lara Compton

    This is my Aussie’s favorite toy! He has two, but would like about a dozen more. Please bring it back! Can’t kind it anywhere except on eBay where it’s (2) for $128.00. Bring back the FLAMINGO!

  6. Charles

    Our great pyrenees loves this toy. Have one which is starting to get close to needing to be retired. Super sad because I don’t think we will be able to get a new one.

  7. Steve

    Our dog is nuts about this toy. unfortunately at this point he is down to the Flamingo’s head and torso. Please restock the Target!

  8. Melissa

    This is my Beagle’s favorite toy, he brings it everywhere!! I just bought a replacement off with tax and shipping for $21.51. Target has been sold out forever and now so is Amazon!!

  9. Spock

    Please restock this at Target! My dog absolutely loves the pink flamingo toy, which can’t be found now except at ridiculous prices. We probably bought about 3 dozen of these over the last year. Please bring them back!

  10. Lindsay

    Please bring this toy back !! I can’t find a replacement and this is my blue heelers favorite toy. I can’t find another one that makes her this happy. Now we have a puppy heeler and he loves this toy as well!!

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