Tough ‘N Fun™ Donut

Durable dog toy for longer lasting fun.

  • TRUSTYPUP Chocolate Donut Dog Toy is a cute and cuddly plush that combines two classic dog toys – the rope and the squeaker to create the perfect sweet tooth plush dog toy.
  • ULTRASONIC silent squeaker inside for maximum fun and minimum noise.
  • FEATURES a strong rope core that is perfect for playing tug or throwing.
  • MADE with Chew Guard Technology and a tough, durable liner to withstand rough play and last longer.
  • DESIGNED to meet child safety standards, and with innovation, environmental responsibility, exceptional value, and style in mind.


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5 reviews for Tough ‘N Fun™ Donut

  1. Tom

    My Cairn Terrier destroys any toy with legs, ears or anything that sticks out including square edges or corners. Her back teeth cut through these toys like butter. The donut is the perfect safe toy for her and she loves it!!

  2. Brad

    My American Bully (NOT bulldog lmao) Capone loves this toy. It was tough and the rope inside helped hold the toy together a bit longer, but it had no chance against his 2 year old psychoticness. Ripped a couple holes and got all the stuffing out withing 3 hours…. but the toy is still standing. Just no more fluff.

  3. Rodgers

    Pitbull tough!

  4. Christina Loscar

    Very durable and a favorite. We’ve got through a few of them over the years but I always replace because I know it’ll hold up. All of our dogs love the donut.

  5. Jacquie Barnard

    My pug may be small but he can destroy a toy in under 5min. This is the only brand of dog toys that I have found that has been able to withstand his terror. The donut is currently his favorite one.

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