Tough 'N Fun™ Bull

Durable dog toy for longer lasting fun.

  • TRUSTYPUP Bull Dog Toy is a cute and cuddly bright blue plush toy made with soft, quilted fabric that dogs love.
  • MADE with Chew Guard Technology and a tough, durable liner to withstand rough play and last longer.
  • DESIGNED to meet child safety standards, and with innovation, environmental responsibility, exceptional value and style in mind.


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4 reviews for Tough ‘N Fun™ Bull

  1. Tim Sumpter

    Our fur baby walks around with the bulls head still which is only part that is left. If anyone finds please let me know. Thx

  2. Emy

    I got this toy for my dumb lil wiener dog since he loves plush toys but also loves to rip through the to eat the inner fluff. This 25 pound monster tears through all of his toys I get him in a matter of weeks, and I was both pleasantly surprised and mildly disappointed that this toy last him a full 4 months before he got through to the cotton stuffing. Even if I don’t get a replacement for free, I’m still going to get him a new one since he loves this toy so much.

  3. Jessica

    Our dogs love this so much, I get a few new ones every few months but I haven’t been able to find any lately 🙁

  4. Deb Perdue

    Our dog loves this bull so much we put it on a subscription from Amazon! Please do not stop making this toy ever!!! Phoenix has loved it since she was a puppy. She has high anxiety and is sometimes aggressive but with this one toy is redirected every time!

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