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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chew Guard Technology™ is a special manufacturing process that adds a super-tough liner to our plush toys. We combine this high-tech lining with reinforced seams to make these toys withstand rough play and tough treatment.

  • Requirements & Safety Standards: All of our products are safe and non-toxic and made to child safety standards as there are no standards for pet toys. All of our products are tested for toxins, BPA and phthalates.

    The toys meet strict requirements and safety standards that are required for toys for infants and toddlers (the strictest of US standards). Also, most of our toys are tested to European toy standards which have even more strict requirements than the US.

    Read more info on our child safety standards.

    Materials: The dyes that are used are standard fabric dyes, same as clothing, blankets, etc. Fabrics are standard polyester that come from same fabric mills that make clothing. We do “crocking” tests to make sure the dyes are permanent to the fabrics and don’t rub off.

  • We offer a free one-time replacement! Please just complete and submit the replacement request form found at at and we’ll send a different toy for your dog to try out.

  • No, the Chew Guard™ guarantee is limited to a one-time, one replacement toy per household.

  • The Chew Guard™ guarantee is only valid in the US and Canada.

  • While we recommend spot-cleaning only to protect the components of the squeaker inside, you can machine wash the toys in the cold / gentle cycle and air dry.

  • No, we recommend not replacing squeakers in a toy because it would compromise the seams and make the toy easier for dogs to destroy.

  • TrustyPup toys are are made in China by one of our long-standing partners.  All of our products are produced to Child Safety Standards for the safety of your entire family.

  • Please weigh and measure your pet carefully. The pet’s length should be measured from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail. The pet’s height should be measured when it is standing, from the floor to the shoulder. The carriers are intended for pets to lie down comfortably but they should have enough room to stand up and turn around while inside.

  • TrustyPup Easy Explorer has a seatbelt/luggage strap on the outside of the bag to help keep your pet safe.

    How to secure your sherpa carrier to a car seat:

    1) Place carrier on the seat with the strap facing the car seat.
    2) Take the seatbelt, either a lap belt or the shoulder belt, pull it down through the luggage strap.
    3) Click the seatbelt into place.
    4) Tighten the seatbelt to secure it.

    WARNING: This product is not crash tested and is not intended to secure your pet in the event of a collision or a sudden stop.

  • 1. Remove the faux lambskin liner from the stability board
    2. Detach the stability board from the carrier by pulling up the Velcro tabs on either end
    3. Secure the faux lambskin liner back onto the stability board and move to the top of the carrier so the liner and board are beneath the U-shaped opening
    4. Fold either end of the carrier down and underneath the liner and board
    5. When applicable, wrap shoulder strap around the bottom of the carrier and tighten to secure the ends in place
    6. Store in a clean, dry place for future use

  • Please check with the airline directly. Some airlines will allow carriers that are slightly larger than the dimensions they specify if the carrier is soft-sided and pushes down. All TrustyPup airline-approved carriers are made with a special spring wire frame on one side of the carrier which allows the end to be pushed down several inches to conform to the under-seat dimensions without restricting the pet’s headroom or compromising the structural integrity of the bag.

  • No. Each airline has its own specific in-cabin carrier sizing requirements. If the style / size carrier you have is not included in a particular airline’s GOB page, it is not Guaranteed On-Board that particular airline because its dimensions exceed what the airline specifies as being allowed on board.

  • All airlines have the same general requirements for pet carriers, with the exception of sizing. Airline Approved means that a carrier:
    • Provides adequate ventilation
    • Is leak-proof
    • Safely encloses the pet

  • Guaranteed On-Board (GOB) is the only program that guarantees a TrustyPup carrier meets an airline’s specific rules and regulations and will be allowed on board. All medium TrustyPup carriers are included in the GOB program. However, the medium size carrier is not Guaranteed On-Board on ALL of the airlines included in the program. Please visit for additional information.

  • In order to return or exchange your carrier, please contact the vendor that it was purchased from. We do not sell directly to consumers so we are unable to process individual returns and exchanges. If you purchased the carrier online there should have been a packing slip included in the shipment that shows the website where the carrier was purchased.

  • Just because a particular airline is not included in the Guaranteed On-Board program it does not mean your carrier will not be allowed on board, you will just need to confirm directly with the airline that they will allow it. Please note, our carriers are soft-sided and made with a special spring wire frame that allows the back end to be pushed down several inches to slide beneath the airline seat without restricting the pet’s head room.

  • Please contact us at for replacement parts such as wheels, stability boards and straps.

  • Each bed has a white, sewn-in label with specific care instructions. Any memory foam should be removed prior to laundering utilizing the zippered compartments that can be found on the bottom, sides and inside seams of the bed. Polyester fiber fill can remain and be laundered. Not all beds are machine washable and some are spot clean only. Please be sure to follow the instructions in order to prevent damage to your bed.

  • You can hand wash the memory foam with a 50/50 water/vinegar blend, or with a special pet odor-removing cleaner.

    – Don’t saturate the memory foam, just use enough liquid to effectively clean and deodorize as needed.

    – Add the enzymatic cleaner or vinegar to a small spray bottle. Spray the memory foam lightly and let the cleaner stand on the area for ten minutes. Blot the area with a clean towel until the surface feels dry. Let it dry completely.

    – Repeat as needed until the odor dissipates.

    – Please be sure the fill is completely dry before returning it to the bed.

  • Unfortunately, replacement parts are not available at this time.

  • Please return it to the place of purchase.

  • TrustyPup beds can be purchased on and in Kroger, Publix and Walmart Canada.