CompleteNeeds® System

Prominently displayed on our packaging, the color-coded CompleteNeeds System educates consumers about their pet’s needs and easily identifies the products that help meet those needs.


Interactive toys strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Toys designed to provide rewarding interaction can enhance training and reinforce communication.


Comfort is important for everyone, but especially for dogs who have particular needs when sleeping. Give your dog a cozy rest spot that fits with his sleep style and physical condition.


TrustyPup offers longer lasting toys that are cuddly, colorful, and fun! These soft plush toys are made more durable with Chew Guard Technology and are backed by our Chew Guard Guarantee.


Exercise is vital to keep dogs fit and alert and reduces undesirable behaviors caused by excess energy. Retrieval toys provide the vigorous activity dogs need for a happy, healthy life.


Training your dog creates a language of communication between you and your dog that promotes security and comfort.


Stimulation toys exercise your pup’s mind and are great to keep them engaged to beat doggie boredom.


Dogs chew instinctually to keep their teeth clean and as an outlet for boredom. Give your dog an appropriate alternative to your shoes with a durable chew toy.


Explore near and far with your dog. Innovative, solution-based products make it easy to take your dog with you across town or around the world with safety and style.


People are traveling more and more with the dog. Training your dog to ride in a car and keeping your pup properly restrained while driving around town or across long distances ensures that you and your pup are safe & secure from any potential hazards.


A happy and healthy dog is just as much a result of mental well-being as it is physical health. Establishing a daily routine and good habits to care for your dog will make this job both easy and enjoyable.