Why TrustyPup Beds

TrustyPup dog beds were the first major brand to bring human grade, premium fill materials and home décor style to the pet bedding market. We continue to be the first market with fill, fabrication and style innovations to ensure your customers have the right beds with the right features at the right price.

CompleteNeeds® System - Comfort

TrustyPup beds offer superior comfort regardless of a dog’s size, age or sleep style. Our color-coded CompleteNeeds System helps you identify the ideal bed for your dog. They are home décor inspired and coordinate with any style.

Our Most Luxurious Pet Beds

The superior features of TrustyPup Premium beds set them apart from conventional bedding. We combine these exclusive features with deluxe fabrics and home décor inspired silhouettes to create luxurious pet beds at an incredible value.

Memory Foam
Memory Foam

Provides custom support, relieving achy joints and muscles. Ours is the highest quality, reclaimed from the manufacture of human products.

Convoluted Foam
Convoluted Foam

With its signature “egg crate” design, gives pets extra cushioning and support, easing painful pressure points. Ours is mattress-quality, the same as is used in human bedding.

Gel Memory Foam
Gel Memory Foam

Combines gel beads with memory foam to provide pets with cooling comfort. Ours is reclaimed form the manufacture of human-grade products.

Chew Guard Technology

Adds a sturdy inner lining to plush fabrics, making them more durable and longer-lasting against a dog’s tough treatment

Silhouette Types:


Beds that include memory foam, gel foam or convoluted foam can help rejuvenate your dog while he rests. All of these materials provide therapeutic benefits by evenly distributing weight to recuperate tired, aching muscles and help relieve joint pain.


Our active lifestyles demand bedding products that are functional, comfortable and cosy! Create mats do double duty as a comfy create cushioning and attractive, low-profile beds.


Many dogs instinctually sleep curled-up because their ancestors needed to keep warm and protect themselves from predators. Bolstered and high-walled beds recreate this feeling of safety and warmth.


Dogs sleep sprawled out when they feel safe and secure. Pillow-style and gusseted beds that offer plenty of space to stretch out are a favorite of sprawling sleepers.